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Have you seen Blueberry? Woman seeks assistance finding pet parrot she believes was stolen from cage

A pet owner is worried sick after her exotic bird disappeared from its cage at a home in the 600 block of Golfcrest Drive in Windcrest.

Sherillyn Flick said she believes her 15-year-old blue Indian Ringneck parrot, Blueberry, was stolen June 7.

Fast Facts:

Indian Ringneck parrots are very smart and bonded to their owners.

Blueberry is the size of a crow and is very loud and talkative.

The bird was taken from its cage in Flick’s backyard overnight.

Flick believes someone entered through an unlocked gate in her backyard and stole Blueberry before closing the cage.

Several flyers and yard signs have been distributed throughout the neighborhood, requesting the bird’s return.

Flick said she is offering a $100 reward, no questions asked, to have her bird back.

What Flick is saying about Blueberry:

“We are the only family he knows. We are his flock. He thinks we are his flock. If he was stolen to be sold, I would be devastated.”

“He says things like his name Blueberry. He says ‘Do you want some seeds? Do you want a carrot? Do you want a grape?’ Then he’ll say, ‘Aha San Anton!'”

“It really upsets me to know that he is upset and confused and scared. I think it was either a person who knows about my bird, has been in my backyard or who was in the alley and heard him singing. Either way, I just want my Blueberry back.”

Anyone with information about Blueberry’s whereabouts is asked to call 817-430-9000 or call Windcrest police at 210-655-2666.

Japhanie Gray News | KSAT June 13, 2018 at 06:20PM

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