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Road rage incident ends in fist fight between drivers, Kirby police say

A road rage incident ended in a fist fight between two men on Monday, Kirby police said.

Police said the driver of a red Jeep, identified as Michael Stage, cut off a driver in a white Jaguar and started an argument while driving along FM 78 in Kirby around noon.

The driver of the Jaguar told police that Stage touted his gun at him before they both pulled over into a side road and got out of their vehicles.

Kirby Cpl. Reserve Officer BJ Connolly was on a short break waiting to fuel up at a Valero gas station when he heard the commotion.

“I heard cars honking the horns like a traffic jam,” he said of the other drivers who were stopped because the two drivers were blocking traffic. “The suspect had the victim in a headlock and was punching him. The victim wasn’t doing anything. He just had his hand around his waist.”

The officer then realized Stage had a holster and a gun. When Connolly commanded the men to stop, they did not comply, so Connolly pulled out his stun gun.

“[Stage] was trying to talk to me while he was being tased. He was like, ‘This hurts,'” Connolly said. “He actually thanks him for tasing him instead of shooting him. He thought any other officer would have used deadly force.”

Stage was arrested for misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon and possession of marijuana. Police said he had a license to carry, but it will be taken from him if he is convicted.

The other driver had a few bruises but was able to drive home, which is what police said he should have done to begin with.

“The victim could have left, but being a man, you know how stubborn we are,” Connolly said. “I wouldn’t have done it if I knew he had a gun.”

Police urge people to use self-control and good judgment when they are behind the wheel.

“People are a little too brave when they shouldn’t be,” Connolly said.

Patty Santos News | KSAT June 14, 2018 at 07:47PM

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